Listeners – share your (material) love story

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Hey everyone!

Today, I really want to hear from YOU. This baby ep is a little participatory, so if you’re not in a convenient spot to reflect or in the mood to share, press pause and come back to this episode when you are!

First off, I’m so excited because in about two weeks, one of my dreams for Material Feels is coming true: an in-person, interactive experience that connects people to the material world. Conversations with the Material World features soundscapes and sculptures by myself and four other queer and/or nonbinary makers, and it will be at the Smithsonian Hirschhorn in DC for Sound Scene, an audio festival on June 4th and 5th. There are four sculptures in wood, glass, fiber, and clay, each accompanied by a narrated soundscape designed by Associate Producer Elizabeth de Lise and myself. Folks are invited to listen and touch; our hope is to create an experience that allows people to rebuild a sense of trust in their own tactile experiences and creative impulses.

Next month we’ll be doing a special episode on the Sound Scene show; we’ll go deeper into the process around creating a collaborative installation, we’ll hear from the artists, we’ll share some stories from the weekend in DC, and you’ll get a better sense of what the physical experience of the piece is.

But today is about you, the listeners of Material Feels. Having an in-person Material Feels event has been one of my dreams, not just because I love the theatah, and mingling… but because I love to build relationships with other people, especially other people who are fascinated by and enamored with the material world. 

I was reminded last night at an audio storyteller event that every month, a very special group of people tune into this show… and I only really know a small fraction of you. In my dreams, all of you would attend the show in DC and we could meet and talk about materials and share our dreams for our lives and become, as Anne of Green Gables would say, bosom friends.

Over the two and half years, we’ve had thousands of listeners in over 50 countries… from Australia, Kenya, India, Uruguay, Mexico, France, Ukraine, Japan to Norway… so I know we can’t all meet up in one place. But we do have a common platform where we can sonically connect: this show!

So, this month, let’s do things a little differently. 

I’m handing you the mic, and I hope you’ll take a minute to share who you are with us and connect with fellow Material Feelers.

I want to know: what material do you have a deep connection with? Can you share the story of your relationship with it? 

Oh, and if you want me to cover a particular material I haven’t covered yet, I wanna hear that, too! 

So first, the material have a deep relationship with and why, and secondly, a material you’re curious about that you’d love for me to cover.

All you need to do is visit – the link is in the show notes and on our social media pages. Get somewhere comfy, drink some water, think about your own personal romantic comedy starring you and your material, press the orange button and let us know what’s up.

Thanks for tuning into Material Feels and I’ll be back next month with a special episode about our experience at Sound Scene, an audio festival in DC that takes over the Smithsonian Hirschhorn for a weekend of sound art!


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